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Metalenema 4-27-13
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Publish-date-icon April 29, 2013
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Artist                                      Title                                            Album

Degial                        Chaos Chant           Death's Striking Wings

Ancestor           Narco Metal Blasphemers           I Am the Truth

Convulse                  God Is Delusion                   Inner Evil

Excavation                   Dream Escape                Gravemouth

Gevurah                The Throne of Lucifer            Necheshirion

Sodom                       Nuclear Winter             Persecution Mania

Katharsis                   Sinn Koronation                 Fourth Reich

Imprecation  From Beyond the Fiery Temples   Satanae Tenebris Infinita

Svest            Evil War(The End Of Men By Me)    Death To Macrocosm

Divine Eve              Sword Called Fate                 Demo 2012

Lvcifyre                     Holy Chaos                 The Calling Depths

Embrace of Thorns The Origin of Scourge      Praying for Absolution

Slayer                       Silent Scream                 South Of Heaven

Excel                      Spare the Pain           Personal Onslaught Demo

Dark Angel       Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)    Darkness Descends

Sadus                        Illusions                     Chemical Exposure

Lantern              Demons in My Room                     Below

Macabre                 Son Of Sam                             Gloom

Macabre          The Ted Bundy Song               Sinister Slaughter

Kerasphorus The Abyssal Sanhedrin       Cloven Hooves At Holocaust Dawn

Mayhemic Truth Hymn Of The Crow                    In Memoriam

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